Air-Kill Products
Jeff Weiss
14 Shady Lake Court
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 332-4661

Whats New
Feb 1: The new ARF and TA-152 are on their way! Check below for details!

Also, Airkill is pleased to announce they now carry Cirrus servos at great prices. These include the cs-30, cs-26 and cs-25.


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AirKill Products
Jeff is happy to answer all questions and comments, so please, don't hesitate to call or use the handy form for any questions, orders, suggestions, etc!!! Just click here to get started!

IMPORTANT! Jeff also has an online
survey, where you can tell him exactly the types of kits you'd like to see produced. This is your chance to get it cooked the way you want guys. Fill out the survey, today!


  Here's a sneak peek at the P-51D ARF. The one pictured here is the prototype of the new ARF that will be available in early summer. The ARF will be sold through dealers nationally and the ARC will be distributed by Air-Kill Products exclusively. The P-51 weighs 2 lbs. 12 oz with all full sized gear and a Thunder Tiger .25 ball bearing engine.
  ...and here's a our old
P-51B kit but with our new set of decals from Major Decals. This set is custom made for our kit and is available as a option for those who wish to duplicate the box top art of our kit on their model.
  ... and best but not last, 
this pic is of the new Ta-152H-1 kit that we just released. This is the long promised kit from the AMA NATS last year. This plane was the one that I got 5 cuts and 3 midairs in with. It is powered by a MVVS 26 and weighs 2lbs 13 oz. It is the hottest design we have up to date, at least for now.
AirKill is moving in a new direction!

Our entire product line is evolving into more exciting choices than ever!
  • International Laser Cut Series
  • International Machine Cut Series
  • Short Kits
  • Hardware Packs
  • Plastic Packs
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Laser Cut Series

Sport kit
$74.99 ea.
$7 s/h

Combat kit
(Built-up wing)
$64.99 ea.
$7 s/h

Combat kit
(Foam core wing)
$54.99 ea.
$7 s/h
The International Laser Cut Series are the highest quality sport scale kits available today. Designed for both the discriminating sport flyer and the avid scale combat pilot, these kits come in three flavors:
Sport kit:
All the hardware needed to build a 4 channel airplane with landing gear and rudder.
Combat kit:
Same as above except minus the landing gear and rudder hardware.
Foam core wing:
Same as above except with foam core wings instead of built-up, and available only for the Bearcat and P-51..
All aircraft are AirKill's own designs and utilize AirKill's popular KillerFoil for the best in flight performance. Plans are all CAD designed. Currently available is:
  • Grumman F8F Bearcat
  • North American P-51B Mustang
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Hawker Sea Fury

Machine Cut Series

$54.99 ea.
$7 s/h

Spitfire and Ta152 are
$59.95 ea.
$7 s/h
avail 3/15

The Machine Cut Series are similar to the Laser Cut Series, except these kits are designed specifically for the scale combat enthusiast. No landing gear is included, and the hardware pack is reduced slightly. Otherwise, these kits offer the same CAD designed plans and AirKill's famous KillerFoil.
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • F4U Corsair
  • Macchi C202
  • FW Ta-152

The P-40, P-47. Zero, Bf 109 E/F/G, KI-61,   P-39, Ki-61, 109E, Zero are coming soon.


Hardware Packs AirKill now offers a complete scale combat hardware pack for the incredibly low price of $9.99. These packs include all the needed hardware to finish a typical combat plane. A typical hardware pack includes 11 different items: 1ea Sig .19 size motor mount, 4ea Dubro 1" 4-40 bolts, with #4 lock washers and blind nuts, 8 Dubro fiber hinges, 1ea nylon control horn with screws, 1ea 10-32 wing bolt, 4ea nylon clevises and 4ea 256 threaded couplers. Radial designs have 3 additional bolts, washers and blind nuts.

Plastic Packs Plastic packs are available for specific aircraft, and are designed to complement Gus Morfis designs. Each Plastic pack, regardless of the airplane type, is priced at $15. Currently available are:
  • C.200
  • C.202
  • Corsair
  • Ki61
  • P-36
  • P-40
  • La5/7
  • MiG-3
  • Hellcat
  • P-47
  • Typhoon
  • Arado 234
  • Tempest MkII
  • Sea Fury
  • Yak9
  • Spitfire
  • Bf109F/G
  • P-51B (frame or Malcolm hood)
  • Bearcat
  • Hurricane
  • Boomerang

Shipping and Handling Shipping always includes insurance. Any 2 short kits, please add $5. Machine or laser kits $7 US each., Hawaii/Alaska slightly more. Call for other locations. We're always available!
Calif residents need to include 7.75% sales tax.

Catapult We also sell plans pack for an excellent catapult, perfectly suited to provide your combat plane with a perfect launch every time! Plans are two pages, with a detailed assembly and operations manual. Price is $19.99 plus $5 shipping/handling. Hardware is available on request.



Airkill will be carrying a line of Major Decals, made especially for 1/12th scale warbirds. sets will include:

Early U.S. (star/red dot)
Late U.S. (stars/bars)
Chinese ( Flying Tigers)

Other sets that we are going to be working with them to produce include.


Each set will be priced at $6.99

Cirrus Servos

CS-30: $21.29
CS-26: $21.29
CS-25: $20.99

Statement of Quality
When you buy a complete kit from AirKill, we guarantee you will receive the finest laser or machine cut parts, 6 - 8 lbs contest grade balsa, all the wood needed to finish the kit, complete hardware packs, high quality vacuum formed cowls, canopies, and other details, and the finest computer aided designed plans developed exclusively by AirKill.

On the drawing board
In production is the FW190A, D and Ta152, Ki-100, A6M5 Zero, Ki-84, and the P-39.

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